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Calvary Chapel Williams

Calvary Chapel Williams

Calvary Chapel WilliamsCalvary Chapel Williams

A Letter to the Parents!

To All Parents, Grandparents and Guardians,

Our Mission!

Our mission here is one we feel very passionate about! It is our desire to bring each and every little soul that walks through our doors closer into a real and personal relationship with our one and only Saviour! 

The Problem!

We are at a difficult time in history. Our children are being challenged from every angle to conform to this world’s standard. At school and at work, our youth are being told their faith is at best a fairy tale and at worst, an aggressive attack on accepted morality. It’s no wonder we are seeing a mass falling away of at a critical point in their development: Highs school into college. What we are seeing is that children who grew up “going to church” with their parents will no longer continue to do so when it is solely their decision to make. Essentially, we are seeing that children are not making the decision to follow Christ. They parent’s faith is not becoming their own. What can we do? How can we, as parents, educators and loved ones help communicate not only the validity of our faith, but that our relationship with the one and only living God has the answers to every problem man has made for himself? How can we make sure our inheritance to this generation is one of a relevant and powerful faith?

The Solution! 

We believe that our God is STILL alive and moving! We serve a mighty God! Let us not fear for our children, but rather, set about capturing their hearts with a relevant and powerful message of an overwhelming and loving God. Whatever we do, we must above all things be genuine in our teaching! Let us set about living godly and pure lives remembering always that we, as their first and most influential educators, are ourselves the book they read to see evidence of the faith we profess. Secondly, we must take an approach to teaching them in a way that is relevant to their generation. Gone are the times when coloring pages based on famous Bible stories were enough. These younger generations have burdens placed on them from such an early age that we cannot fully understand. And lastly, we must always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us. This means that even from an early age, a child must be equipped to know and answer why they believe they way they do! They need a new confidence in their faith! This not only comes from knowing Scripture and knowing it well, but rather, knowing it’s implications, it’s validity and it’s assertions about God, this world, and our place in it.

Our Approach:

Keeping the above ideas on the forefront of our minds we have decided to mimic the adult service in that our Sunday relies heavily on worship, prayer and a biblical message that is both educating and engaging. Fellowship is important at any age in the Christian walk and we strongly encourage healthy friendships between the children. We do memory work of Scripture as well as other themes contained in the Bible. But we do not consider memory work to be the end all be all of our message to the children. We are highly selective of our curriculum as it MUST above all, be relevant to the children and their personal walk with God. We do use a reward system that encourages memory work, attendance, bringing Bibles and participation. We hope that by bringing an honest, genuine and relevant message to the children, that we can help close the distance between these little ones and their God. We know that it is difficult work, but it is good work and it is filled with joy! Thank you for choosing us to share Jesus with your little ones, it is an honor we do not take lightly!

~Indra Remender

Director of Children’s Ministry