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Liz Minor

Hello, my name is Liz Minor. I grew up in Williams from the age of 7 to 10 ½ and came back at 40. My family has a deep history here and this is where my mother and father were the happiest.

I gave my heart to the Lord on September 3rd, 2001 and prayer has been the most important part of my life since.

The prayer team began in 2007. The prayer team is devoted to prayer for others and in waiting on God's will for those prayers. My part is to encourage others in their prayer life and to help others to learn and fully trust in God’s plan through prayer.

About the Prayer Team

 The prayer chain is confidential and in most cases we are able to speak with the person who was asking for prayer, in some cases we are not able to speak with the person that we are putting on the prayer chain. In those instances that we cannot speak with the person that is going on to the prayer chain is where the privacy is most important. In some cases Pastor (with permission from the person or family) feels the need to share the prayer request with the church congregation for more prayer and in some cases the person themselves may come and speak to other people and share their prayer request but until those times we must remember the privacy of the prayer request. 

Did You Know...

  • May 5th is a National Day of Prayer. It was enacted in 1952 by Congress and President Harry S Truman. In 1954 "Under God" was added to the Pledge of Allegiance. This move came during the Cold War and was seen as a way of contrasting the more religious United States with the officially atheist Soviet Union. The National Day of Prayer spawned an opposite; that movement is called the National Day of Reason. It was started by humanist groups and other opponents to the National Day of Prayer. These are people we need to pray for!

  • There are 650 prayers listed in the Bible and approximately 450 recorded answers to prayer.

  • The Bible record Jesus praying 25 different times.

  • Although prayer can and should be done from any bodily position the Bible list five specific positions 

  1. Sitting " 2nd Samuel 7:18"  
  2. Standing "Mark 11:25"  
  3. Kneeling  "Chronicles 6:13, Daniel 6:10, Luke 22:41, Acts 7:60, 9:40, 20:36, 21:5, Ephesians 3:14"  
  4. With one's face to the ground " Matthew 26:39, Mark 14:35"  and 
  5. With hands lifted up "1st Timothy 2:8"
  6. And last but not least, we will update more facts threw the year...


  • The Bible also lists 9 main types of Prayer: 

  1. Prayer by faith "James 5:15"
  2. Prayer by agreement (also known as corporate prayer) "Acts 2:42" 
  3. Prayer of request (also known as petition or supplication) "Philippians 4:6" 
  4. Prayer of Thanksgiving "Psalms 95:2-3" 
  5. Prayer of consecration  (also known as dedication) "Matthew 26:39"  
  6. Prayer of worship "Acts 13 2-3"  
  7. Prayer of intercession "1st Timothy 2:1"  
  8. Prayer of imprecation (mainly used in Psalms for the punishment of the wicked) "Psalms 69"  
  9. Prayer in the Spirit "1st Corinthians 14:14-15"Some “did you know” facts about prayer: